Wikis Blogs and Podcast Training Tools

Using Wikis, Blogs, and Podcasts in a Blackboard Course Site

Learning Objects, Inc. is a third-party company (not part of Blackboard, Inc.) which has created a product suite called the “Campus Pack.” This product suite is a “build on” to Blackboard systems, and provides instructors with wiki, blog, and podcasting tools within Blackboard course sites (see below for definitions, samples, and academic uses of wiki, blog, and podcasting).

It is important to note that instructors can control the degree of access to course site wikis, blogs, and podcasts and that the tools are designed to be used primarily within the Blackboard course site environment. These tools greatly increase the opportunities for students to actively participate in the shaping of the course site—whereas student interaction was previously mostly centered in the Discussion Board, these new tools allow for much more interactivity.

A User Guide in PDF form is available here: http://www.learningobjects.com/pdf/CP_EndUser.pdf

These tutorials will walk you through the steps for creating and using the wiki, blog, and podcasting tools that are part of the CampusPack suite of tools.  

Using WIKIS in a Course Site with TeamsLX

What is a wiki?
How can a wiki be used in a course?   (Also, see articles on academic uses of wikis below)
Finding a wiki in a course site
Creating a new page
Commenting on a page
Deleting a page
Editing a page
Exporting a wiki
Site navigation and page list
Page history
Recovering pages

For professors:
Configuring the central course wiki
Creating additional wikis
Evaluating participation performance

Using BLOGS in a Course Site with JournalLX

What is a blog?
How can a blog be used in a course?   (Also, see articles on academic uses of blogs below)
Finding a blog in a course site
Calendar view
Viewing recent posts
Monthly archives
Commenting on an entry
Creating a new entry
Editing an entry
Deleting an entry
Entry history
Recovering entries
Exporting a blog
For professors:
Configuring your central course blog 
Creating a blog in a course site 
Creating a private journal 
Creating an individual blog 
Creating a group blog 
Modifying a blog 

Using PODCASTING in a Course Site with PodcastLX

Frequently asked questions
Accessing podcast content
Subscribing to a podcast

For professors:
Configuring the course podcast
Creating a podcast episode


Wiki = A collaborative Web site comprises the perpetual collective work of many authors. Similar to a blog in structure and logic, a wiki allows anyone to edit, delete or modify content that has been placed on the Web site using a browser interface, including the work of previous authors. In this case, the Campus Pack wiki will allow for an entire class (or a group within a class) to create a collaborative Web site or “wiki.”

Example: www.wikipedia.com
Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that is essentially a huge wiki—the content is communally created and edited collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has grown rapidly into one of the largest reference Web sites. There are more than 75,000 active contributors working on some 9,000,000 articles in more than 250 languages.

Academic Uses:

Using Wiki in Education
"Using Wiki in Education" is a book written in wiki form. It covers various uses of wikis in the classroom, including several case studies.

"Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not"
This article was published in the Educause Review in 2004. The author, Brian Lamb, covers the basics of wikis and discusses their pros and cons in education.

"7 Things You Should Know About...Wikis"

"Wikis and Wikipedia as a Teaching Too"
This paper, published in the January 2007 International Journal of Instructional Technology & Distance Learning, discusses how wikis can add value to teaching and learning.

Blog = A frequently updated journal or diary usually. In contrast to a wiki, a blog is typically authored by an individual and does not allow visitors to change the original posted material, only add comments to the original content.

Example: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/blog/ 
Journalist Bill Moyer’s professional blog

Academic Uses:

Uses of Blogs in Education
This is a matrix from the EdTech Post that illustrates very clearly the different ways blogs are used in education.

"Scholars Who Blog"
This is article from The Chronicle of Higher Education was written in 2003, but it is still relevant. It discusses scholarly blogging, focusing on blogging by instructors and research faculty.

"Writing with Web Logs"
This article from techLEARNING covers different ways blogs can be used in the classroom.

Podcast = Audio or video broadcast available on the Web for downloading to a personal computer or a digital audio player. Despite its name, a podcast may be played through a variety of digital audio software and hardware. Use is not limited to the iPod brand products developed by Apple.

Example: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast/podcast_directory.php 
National Public Radio’s podcasting directory

Academic Uses:

"Poducate Me: Guide to Podcasting in Education"
This guide was published by a digital designer at the University of Cincinnati, Micah Ovadia. This guide, which is available for viewing online free of charge, is essentially a podcasting tutorial, and it covers some approaches and techniques for creating good audio and video materials.

"There's Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education", Educause Review, by Gardner Campbell

"Put It On the 'Board: Tuning up Blackboard for Podcasting", University of Nebraska-Lincoln Information Services-Connectivity Newsletter

"7 Things You Should Know About...Podcasting", Educause Learning Initiative